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Haiti’s Miracle Fertilizer Everyone is Talking About

Wouzé just discovered Natura Terra’s miracle fertilizer and it’s changing the production of agriculture in Haiti. It has the potential to change the lives of Haitian farmers throughout the country and everyone’s talking about it.

Robert Duval

We had the pleasure of meeting the President of Natura Terra Haiti today, Mr. Robert Duval. He spoke with us about his social enterprise which produces organic, non-chemical fertilizers from converting organic waste into bio-stimulants to restore soil health and enhance the abilities of plants to absorb nutrients. It is called the miracle fertilizer for only a third of the price of regular chemical fertilizers. It uses a patented technology to support Haiti farmers. Proceeds from ferilizer sales also goes to his nonprofit, Foundation L’Athletique D’Haiti, (FLADH) which provides education and youth soccer programs in the worst slums of Haiti.

The Athletic Foundation for Haiti

Mr. Duval works in the most challenging communities filled with gang violence and poverty. For example, his programs in Cité Soleil have been around 20 years and have become a strong deterrent for gang violence. Youth know if they are caught committing a crime, they will not be allowed to participate in his programs. Many think twice before pulling the trigger. Such is  the value of what he is offering the youth.

Political Prisoner

To some, Mr. Duval is crazy but anyone who hears his story will soon realise that the courage he has to face down gang members and stay vigilant on his mission to serve Haiti slums comes from his incarceration 30 years ago. He was falsely accused at the time, being a young college graduate who studied in Canada, on conspiring to overthrow the Duvalier government. Here an elite member of society spent over a year in prison and when asked how the experience changed him, he says it effed him up in every way. It brings visible tears to his eyes all these years later just to think of that period of his life. He recalls the 30 or so executions he witnessed and the hundreds of people who died in front of him from starvation. On only 300 calories a day, Mr. Duval was lucky to leave prison a mere 90 lbs.


Soccer Stadium and After School Programs for Haitian Youth

Today he dedicates his life to the youth of Cité Soleil through his agro enterprise and the stadium he is desperately trying to find funds to complete. Once operational, he believes it can not only become self sufficient, but will further enhance his program with the kids and provide a professional leisure activity for the community.

Miracle Fertilizer for Haitian Farmers

Rural farmers in Haiti are struggling to pay the exorbitant cost of regular chemical fertilizers. Many are in debt before their first harvest. Reducing costs and enhancing agriculture outputs is critical in the food cycle process here in Haiti.

Wouzé sees a tremendous opportunity for Haitian farmers and their families with the prospect of non-chemical fertilizers. We see Haiti’s agriculture sector significantly transforming thanks to the fearless dedication of people like Robert Duval. We will be following Natura Terra Haiti’s work closely.

For more information on Natura Terra check out the below link:

To learn more and support Foundation L’Athletique D’Haiti, (FLADH) click here


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