what we do

We are driven by
each community’s
unique needs.

Helping female farmers to grow better lives by supplying them with the tools and systems  that will help them gain traction in their agriculture businesses and ultimately thrive. This includes:

  • Creating fair trade seed banks that support success
  • Creating co-ops so female farmers can share tools and resources
  • Providing business training and literacy education to empower women
  • Helping communities set up community clinics that can be a lifeline for urgent health care needs
  • Helping women struggling in developing countries achieve autonomy through their hard work
  • Educating and inspiring the public about developing countries, the culture and lifestyle.  
  • Creating fundraising travel programs that virtually and in-person offers authentic experience of each destination, that helps donors find new purpose in their lives. 

The women of Haiti are an inspiration to us.

They were the reason Wouzé is named Wouzé. So it is only fitting that they would be the first country we chose to work with. From here, we hope to help other women in Caribbean and African countries to become more secure, prosperous farmers.